DELTAS Summer Work Placement Scheme

Our first intake of A level students from Acland Burghley, La Sainte Union and Haverstock Schools have just completed the DELTAS work placement scheme.

Unlike the traditional work placement of simply shadowing a member of staff, making coffee and being bored (while the organisation struggles to find them something to do), we have taken an entirely different approach.  With our Panel member firms, members, supporters and in consultation with the schools, we designed a programme during which each pupil was placed with two LegalTech vendors (for two days each), and with two law firms, for three days each.

The vendors provided an insight into the world of LegalTech, in addition to assigning specific projects to encourage analytical and problem-solving skills.  While at the law firms, the students had the opportunity to learn how the technology is used (and the extent to which it is used) in the daily working life of a law firm.

We are waiting for formal survey results in September when the students return to school.  However, according to the snippets of feedback we have had so far, the structure and content of the programme was a considerable success.

Some further feedback received:

What is the biggest learning / outcome from the past two days?

“Learning and improving on my critical thinking – looking at things from a different angle.”

“The Legal / Tech industry is thought provoking and very interesting. I learnt in detail how much technology encompasses my everyday life”

But there were some lessons learnt as well.  For 2020, we will have a larger pool of students (from 9 or 10 schools) to recruit our participants.  This will allow us to better target students with an interest in technology or law.  We will also spend more time preparing the students for the work placement.

Nevertheless, even though the intake was small, we believe that the DELTAS initiative has already made a real difference to the lives of young people.

With thanks and a great deal of appreciation for the care and interest shown by MW Solicitors, Bird & Bird, Winckworth Sherwood and DAC Beachcroft, and to iManage and LexisNexis.  DELTAS is a sector wide initiative – we could not achieve any results without the commitment and support of our members.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security