Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls – Champion School Visit – 19th January 2023

Two of our amazing Champions along with Frances Anderson (MD of Netlaw Media), kicked off 2023 with a Champions School visit at Notre Dame R.C Girls school, London, on the 19th January 2023.

  • Abby Ewen, Technology & Operations Director of Browne Jacobson
  • Jo Owen, CIO of Cripps LLP

Abby & Jo went to Notre Dame School to speak to a group of 20 Year 7 Girls about Careers & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths). Abby & Jo started off with an introduction about themselves, what they do at work and how they got to where they are within their Career.

After the introductions, to get the Students engaged in the session, there was a quick Q&A session. Questions such as, What is STEM and what does it stand for? What careers do you think you can pursue within STEM? what careers the students have dreamt of doing or wishing to pursue.

The Students where knowledgeable on what STEM is and what it stands for but there was still a larger percentage which didn’t know the full meaning of all the Acronyms. Many of the Students had an idea of they wish to pursue as a career, a couple of students knew exactly what they are going to pursue but weren’t sure on how they would reach that goal and this is where our Champions were able to offer some insights. Abby & Jo were able to give out some great advice on what kind of STEM subjects they would need to take to pursue the Careers the students are thinking of pursuing.

Abby & Jo then led on to a Code Breaking activity compiled by Mabel Harvey, the Students were particularly excited about the activity as the Student who could break the code first would win a Roblox gift voucher; Roblox is an online game in which you can learn to code and make your own games. The code breaker activity requires you to figure out which number relates to which letter and then you can figure out the answer to the questions. The Students picked this activity up pretty quickly and within 10 minutes all the students had completed all the questions. Once all the Students had completed the Code Breaker activity, the prize was given to the student who completed it the quickest.

The next activity would be to design a piece of Wearable Tech. The Students were split into 4 teams and came up with some brilliant pieces of Wearable Tech, some took inspiration from up and coming pieces on the market already and others came up with completely new ideas! The winning team won a STEM Robot, which you build and code what it does, their Piece of Wearable Tech was an Implant which goes straight to the brain and it would transform the user to become smarter, more agile & overall better in any activity they partake in.

Overall the Students were really engaged and enjoyed the session Abby, Jo & Frances hosted at Notre Dame Roman Catholic Girls School.

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