Linklaters Student Day – 18 May 2022

One of our amazing DELTAS Panel Members, Bruna Pellici, is CTO at Linklaters and we had the pleasure of Linklaters hosting a 1/2 Day Student Event.

Bruna and her team helped organised the day for us.

Their aims for the day were to:

  • Help the students to understand what it might be light to work in a Firm like Linklaters.
  • Outline what Job opportunities might exist, especially if they take the STEM study route.
  • Provide interview skills ‘hints & tips’ on how to maximise their changes.
  • Discover what might differentiate Linklaters as their preferred employer.


Throughout the day they had lots of different groups of people with mixed backgrounds speak with the students.

Mat Peers GCOO (Global Chief Operating Officer) Started off by introducing the students to Linklaters. He spoke about what Linklaters do as a company & what was currently happening at the Firm. Bruna then joined the conversation and spoke about what being a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) entails. as these types of talks can lose interest, they implemented quizzes into the day to keep the students engaged.

Bruna explained “One questions we found that grabbed the student’s attention was, How much do certain jobs make roughly per year? and this really helped grab the kids attention as they were amazed at how much those job roles can make.”

They held a panel session with employees who had recently joined Linklaters, all of whom have different backgrounds of how they got to where they are now (apprenticeships/University). they found by having younger speakers the students can relate to them more.

Bruna went on to explain how they held 2 interactive sessions. “How to maximize your chances of success” this delved into C.V writing, hints and tips for Interviews.
The other Session was called “snooze, you lose”. This session was about Job packages, and they designed the session to not just help the students grasp what is a good or bad Benefits Package, but to also Help Linklaters themselves Learn what they can do better as a company to help get the younger generation wanting to get into LegalTech.
Bruna explained “one thing that came up, was so simple. Free food all day. If you look at the likes of Google, one of the many reasons they get employees wanting to be present at work, is by simply supplying them with canteens that offer free meals all day.”

To break the day up, the students were given a tour of Linklaters, they got to see offices of Linklater employees of all levels. The students especially enjoyed the Balcony, where they could take lots of photos and film a couple TikTok’s

To Finish off the day the students had one final Panel session about the M.D of Linklaters and how they could manage their career and progress within the company, if they worked at with Bruna and her Team at Linklaters.

The students went away with a wealth of Linklaters knowledge and some Goodies, which included chocolates, Keyrings & Educational STEM Books.


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