Supported Schools

The Haverstock Career Network

A local authority-run Camden secondary comprehensive, Haverstock School has a diverse, dynamic, and often socioeconomically disadvantaged pupil intake. Over 40 different languages are spoken and 70%+ of our pupils come from households where the average total annual income is £17,000.

The Haverstock Career Network (HCN) is a programme run in the school’s sixth form, designed to give students a full immersion into the world of work through a variety of meaningful opportunities.

Since 2006 more than 350 students have graduated from the HCN, with 98% of these going on to university, education or employment. Supported by more than 100 industry-leading business partners and with 3 tailored streams – Business and Finance, Arts & Media, and STEM – the HCN caters to the diverse career interests of our 6th form students, in compliment to their studies.
In partnership with award-winning national charity Career Ready, the HCN delivers a 2-year programme of a structured calendar of events, workplace visits, professional skills development workshops, masterclasses and guru lectures presented by industry specialists. Every HCN student is also matched with a 1:1 mentor, undertakes a 4-6 week paid summer internship with one of our corporate partners, and receives a suit to wear to professional engagements and on internship.

As the only Camden school offering the Career Ready PLUS programme – and the flagship provider of Career Ready from 400 schools and colleges across the UK – the Haverstock Career Network is a shining example of the potential successes of business-education partnerships; offering a wealth of opportunities to help our students broaden their horizons, inspire their forward planning and realise their potential.

Christ the King Sixth Form Colleges – Aquinas, Emmanuel and St Mary’s

Christ The King Sixth Forms

Established in 1992, Christ the King is a group of Catholic sixth forms in the South London area, dedicated to the education and development of the whole person. Offering exceptional, expert teaching in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, each CTK sixth form creates an environment where high achievement is promoted and attained. Our students aim high and enjoy being part of our community. This means receiving extensive pastoral support, connecting with our successful alumni, and studying a bespoke graduate programme to becominconfident, ambitious young people.

CTK vision
All young people at Christ the King Sixth Forms are:

• Encouraged to be ambitious and high achieving
• Challenged to be resilient, confident, creative and courageous
• Educated to be articulate, curious, reflective and capable
• Supported to develop the virtues of loyalty, respect, care and commitment
• Inspired to live principled, moral and dignified lives.

Acland BurghleyAcland Burghley School

Acland Burghley School provides a rich and stimulating education for boys and girls aged 11 to 19. We believe passionately in the potential of each young person, and work together with families to ensure that every student succeeds.

High quality learning is at the heart of our school. We prioritise high academic standards, supporting students of all abilities to excel in English, Maths and Science, and across a broad curriculum.

We encourage our learners to be independent thinkers with a broad world view. Our emphasis on creativity is about developing the thinkers and innovators of the future. Our curriculum offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to participate in the arts and sport, and to play a part in community life.

We are a member of the highly successful LaSWAP sixth form consortium, together with three other local schools. The combined strengths of all four schools offers our sixth form students the widest range of opportunities, expertise and resources. Every student is given information, advice and guidance to find an ambitious and successful pathway to the future. Above all, we are a friendly, happy school.

Notre Dame School

Notre Dame School is a Roman Catholic School in Southwark with approximately 620 students. The school is part of the order of Notre Dame Schools founded by St Julie Buillart. The current Head Teacher Sister Anne Marie Niblock, is a sister of the order and has been Head Teacher here for over 20 years.

The Mission Statement of the school is: to develop Christian women who can think for themselves, understand the concepts of equality and justice and can play a full and responsible part in a changing and multicultural society. One of the aims of the school is ‘to prepare young women for an ever changing world’.

Students attend Notre Dame from Years 7 to 11 and onto colleges all over London.

The school has a strong Careers Department and Sister Anne Marie fully supports the careers work in school, wanting the students to have opportunities to see careers that they can aspire to and to give them opportunities to be able to do this.

In school have a Qualified Careers Leader and we have a Quality in Careers Award; in the latest self-evaluation tool we achieved all eight Gatsby Benchmarks as set in the report written by Sir John Holman in 2014.

In school we promote STEM subjects recognising that there are still shortages of girls; these careers so we are trying to address this by exposing the students to careers in all STEM subjects.