Chelmer Valley High – Mock Interviews – 2nd February 2023

How did you feel when you did your first ever interview? Nervous, shy, unsure or maybe excited? Or a mix of all of them…

On Thursday 2nd February as part of the work DELTAS undertakes; Abby Ewen (Technology & Operations Director of Brown Jacobson), along side Frances Anderson (MD of Netlaw Media) & Rebecca Caruana (Head of Operations at Netlaw Media) went to; Chelmer Valley High School, to take part in yr 11 ( 15/16 yr olds) mock interviews and helping the students prepare for the work environment that awaits them. It was great to see the students smart and eager to take part…

Discussions ranged from Architecture, engineering and looking at the various structures across the world such as channel tunnel, Chelsea stadium etc through from Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT to Taxidermy!

Abby Ewen had this to share “It was a great session, and you can see that taking the time out to plan for their mock interviews and then carrying them out was a useful process for them.  Spending time thinking about themselves and answering questions like ‘what are you proud of’ or ‘what are your weaknesses’ is great self-reflection and will give them the confidence to answer those questions in a real world situation. The students were all very engaged with the process and I think they found it helpful.”

Rebecca Caruana had this to say after the event “Meeting with students from Chelmer Valley High School as part of their Mock Interviews was a great experience. Interviews can be daunting at any age and the majority of students I met with had never been in an environment like this before. Some more reserved and nervous than others but overall, I was generally impressed with the level of social and self-awareness demonstrated by the students!”

Abby, Frances Rebecca had some great Interviews and gave out lots of Advice to all the students regarding their presentation (i.e.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security