DELTAS Objectives

Hi All,

Firstly thank you again for everyone who attend the DELTAS meeting on 19th June at the Sky Bar at the Grange Holborn.

Following on from the meeting , I am pleased to announce the Objectives that have been put together for this initiative. As discussed this is a starting point for the group and one that will continue to evolve with the input form the panel and DELTAS members:


  • Promote the benefits of developing a culture of diversity and inclusion within the legal profession.
    • Hosting an open forum to share success stories, challenges as well as highlighting opportunities with regards to diversity in legal IT 
  • Pledging to increase the representation of female speakers at legal events by 15%
    • Encouraging organisations who produce/ organise internal and external events to pledge alongside DELTAS and Netlaw Media to raise the number of female speakers on the agenda
    • Creating and awarding DELTAS Champions
  • Reaching out and engaging the next generation of millennials and ‘Generation Z’ 
    • Opening up opportunities for Legal IT placements via DELTAS within the legal services profession
    • Creating a roster of DELTAS volunteers to speak within schools (GCSE, A-Levels), Higher Education Institutes as well as community & regional events
    • Offering sponsorship to community and national events
  • Encouraging women ‘returners’ to the legal profession
    • To educate and train next generation of Legal IT professionals
    • Sharing experiences/ retraining firms and DELTAS corporate partners including vendors around diversity and inclusion
  • Highlighting the importance to employers of practicing a culture of flexible working

More information will be following on the next meeting to be held in September and the AGM.

In addition, I welcome any feedback on the above objectives and will see many of you all for the official Industry launch next week on 26th June at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel.

Many thanks,

Frances Armstrong

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security