“A” Level Programme Launched with a Fanfare at Linklaters Careers Day

It is not an everyday occurrence for Matt Peers, COO of Linklaters to share his life experience and career tips with a group of 18 “A” level students from 5 North London schools in socially and economically disadvantaged catchment areas. Yet, thanks to Bruna Pellicci, Linklaters CTO and DELTAS Panel member, that is exactly what we achieved.

Ultimately the event was not about Linklaters, or even about the DELTAS programme. It was about the real impact this type of intervention can make on the lives and career choices of young people, how we can inspire and guide them to successful career outcomes for their personal benefit, and also to the benefit of our sector and society at large.

It will take years to assess the overall impact of the DELTAS programme, however being in its second year, we can’t put off an ultimate analysis of outcomes in the distant future. We have to invest our resources, energy and commitment now, and then learn through trial and error what is effective. Only then can we hope to secure a vibrant talent pipeline, a greater degree of social and economic equality and a fairer, more just society.

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