DELTAS Panel Meeting

Thank you for everyone who attended DELTAS meeting today at Pinsent Masons, it was a highly engaging session being able to listen to the diversity culture of iManage & also the voices of the students from Acland Burghley School who DELTAS is supporting thanks to the fantastic work of one of our founding members Thereza Snyman. A survey was undertaken at the school on what the students thought about STEM & the questions asked; Do you think there are equal job opportunities for all genders in STEM? 100% answered No. ‘Do you think you will have a career in STEM?’ 82% answered no, highlighting the work that needs to be done!

I am delighted to confirm that we will be hosting 20 yr12 students from Acland Bughley + 3 other local schools ( in the LaSWAP consortium) & taking them to Bletchely Park with the support of McAfee & iManage, including a group of our Ambassadors to see where the importance in IT Security & coding began (please note Romans did start coding…). It will be a fantastic day to engage with the students with tasks, a tour & inspire them on the possibilities in careers that STEM subjects can lead to. Notes will be distributed to the panel & attendees today incl discussion on policy change & apprenticeships within a group of firms & suppliers.


Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security