Jo Owen

Strategist for Technology, Innovation & Transformation

Advocate for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Business and Technology

Jo is best known as an energetic, inspirational and motivation leader. She brings people together embracing creativity to solve business challenges.

She is passionate about promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in business and particularly the field of technology. Supporting communities and organisations, she brings her experience to help build a world where opportunities are available to everyone, no matter their gender, race or background. Ultimately the more voices and perspectives, the greater chance we have of addressing of critical issues affect society.

With over twenty years’ experience in the legal sector, working at firms of between 50 to over 4,500 people, she has a deep understanding of how law firms operate, enabling her to focus on ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Jo started life on the service desk and worked her way up as a systems engineer, IT and Operations Manager, Head of Service Delivery, Operations Director and CIO so has a solid understanding of technology and business strategy.

Her most recent roles see her devising and driving technology strategies that supports business and clients’ needs today, and in the future. She is a forward thinking, radical driver of change, considering how emerging technologies will transform current working practice.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security