LaSWAP Career Talk – 22nd May 2024

On the 22nd May, Anissa Tennah, Taavo Adams and Caroline Hill, Editor in Chief of the Legal IT Insider attended LSU for a second career talk, where presentations looked at legal events, STEM and journalism.

Tennah confirmed; ‘we were pleased to go onsite at the LaSWAP Sixth Form Consortium who DELTAS have been supporting over the past 5 years with various outreach initiatives. The purpose of this visit was to deliver support for career talks within the LegalTech space. As Head of Events, I spoke about my delayed start at university, career journey within different sectors and how I landed up at Netlaw Media now organising LegalTech events. The second presentation was from Caroline Hill who spoke on beginning her career as a solicitor within the criminal law field but that not being where her heart was. She explained about how taking some risks lead to her following her passion of legal tech journalism’.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security