LaSWAP Careers Day

For the second time, Thereza, our DELTAS Ambassador attended the LaSWAP Careers Day. LaSWAP is a 6th form consortium of 4 North London Schools (Acland Burghley, Parliament Hill, William Ellis and La Sainte Union) with whom we have been closely collaborating since May 2018.

Thereza presented to two groups, reaching about 18 young people. As to be expected, it is initially hard work to engage young people – they are shy, perhaps intimidated – but once you have engaged their interest and they start asking questions – what a BUZZ!

5 of the group we presented to last year are taking part in our work placement scheme with iManage, LexisNexis, DAC Beachcroft, Winckworth Sherwood, Bird & Bird, MW Solicitors and Pinsent Masons at the end of July. We must have done something right to engage their interest. Hopefully, the results of engaging with this group will be even more positive next year.

As part of our year-on-year programme, now that we have established a blueprint of activities that have an impact, we are focusing on extending DELTAS reach to more schools, more firms and more vendors. This is a long-term investment – but every young person whose future we can impact positively is a win for DELTAS, the LegalTech community and society in general.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security