DELTAS – Careers Assembly at Notre Dame Catholic Girls School – 6th June 2024

On the 6th June screams of excitement filled the air as 100 year 10s and 100 year 9s realised this was not a standard assembly for both year groups, but one where ‘Cyborg Hands’ and ‘ 2 x Tobbie the self-guiding AI Robot’ were to be won.

A Big Thank you goes to David Fazakerley and Briana McCrory who as part of the DELTAS initiative joined myself at Notre Dame Catholic girls school in Southwark today. Where for the first time, we took over two assemblies for both Year 10 and Year 9 back to back, looking at Tech Careers and what this could mean to them.

Bri highlighted the importance of women in Tech and her career to date, whilst David set out a Technology and Generation Game. It was good to see that many knew some of the ‘old technology’ like CD players, Walkman’s to game boys (now classed as retro by the girls). The commadore 64 and Atari were shown to the wide eyed and listening audience and much more…

The Head of Careers said: ‘I cannot thank you and your wonderful team enough for your energy, expertise and patience this afternoon! The students were buzzing all afternoon. I met one of them in after school and she was clinging to Wally in his box!’

What started with a small group of young girls raising their hands when asked if they would be interested in a role in Tech, to suddenly a room full of girls interested in the job opportunities that can be offered in Tech, was amazing. Especially, when they realised that they use it all day everyday and that LegalTech and Fintech is not so far out of their dreams as they first thought.

Diversity & Ethics in Legal Technology And IT Security